Why Agawa Cultivation?

Located in Estancia, New Mexico, our facility was built here because of its prime location and climate. With an elevation of 6,100 feet, our location boasts a microclimate perfect for cultivating the best cannabis crops.

Perfect Sunlight & Low Humidity

Our sunlight improves quality and the rate of plant growth and our low humidity helps to reduce the pressure of diseases. Constant winds promote good air movement and the sparse population of the area contributes to low amounts of pollution.

100% Under Glass

Our greenhouse is 100% under glass and drenches our plants in the goodness of the southwestern sun. Nothing artificial here.

Deeply Rooted

Relying on our deeply rooted and consistent cultivation methods, Agawa focuses on creating a powerful ecosystem for each plant to develop and thrive.


creates powerful benefits for our plants and the earth

Agawa Cultivation | Holistic Cannabis Cultivation
Characterized by the belief to view something as a whole rather than parts, holistic cultivation is the art of growing cannabis as a complete system.

We work on the cultivation of your plants so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Agawa Cultivation | Living Soil

Living Soil

By reusing soil and fertilizing with additional nutrients, the microorganisms form a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant resulting in superior quality. Living soil allows us to fully utilize mother nature’s fertility and ensures our plants are cultivated in a clean, toxin-free environment.

Agawa Cultivation | Premium Genetics

Premium Genetics

We are proud of the superior care and artistry that goes into our holistically cultivated New Mexican cannabis. Utilizing premium genetics, we are honored to offer Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids.

Agawa Cultivation | Grown In Glass

Grown In Glass

Optimal cannabis growth happens in a greenhouse environment which provides an opportunity for year-round production and the tight control of an indoor grow facility. Glass roofs offer higher efficiency temperature controls and a reduced need for running heating, lighting, and cooling systems.

Agawa Cultivation | Naturally Grown

Naturally Grown

We say no to harmful chemical fertilizers and pest sprays on our plants. We focus on Natural Pest Management (NPM) techniques to keep pests at bay. Our cannabis plants are naturally grown in living soil and able to reach their full scope and spectrum of color, flavor, aroma and more impactful CBD/THC content.

Agawa Cultivation | Consistent Crops

Consistent Crops

Our holistic cultivation methods utilize natural grow techniques, living soil, perfect sunlight, the environment and premium genetics to consistently produce high quality crops and yields. Better crops equals better cannabinoids and terpene content, leading to a better overall cannabis product.

Agawa Cultivation | Sustainable Methods

Sustainable Methods

Agawa is focused on the three pillars of sustainability: Economical Viability, Environmental Protection, and Social Equity. Our cultivation ecosystem allows us to strive for economical and environmental viability. We grow with reusable canvas bags instead of plastic pots and our soil is used for multiple years. We strive for social equity by developing programs for our employees and community. We focus on our staff by training and promoting within. Our people are Extraordinary. This has resulted in 20% of our staff remaining with the company for over 20 years. Our community involvement includes schools, donations, and programs like Frank’s Garden.

Agawa Cultivation | Perfect Sunlight

Perfect Sunlight

Our cannabis thrives on the abundant energy it receives from the southwestern sunlight flooding our greenhouse daily. Full-spectrum sunlight encourages natural leaf and stem production allowing the cannabis plant to flourish. Natural sunlight maximizes plant growth, encouraging higher-quality buds.

Business Practices

Reliable, Consistent & Ethical

It's all about the relationships we form and our business practices mean everything to us. We have been involved in floriculture since 1967 and our decades of success are largely due to forming solid relationships that last.

We Value True Partnerships

We understand the challenges and opportunities our partners face. We are driven to develop win-win agreements. We focus on long-term solutions to be sustainable through market pressure and competition.

We prioritize building our cost structure on value and profitability for all parties.

We offer the unique opportunity of sustainable long-term contracts bonded by a true partnership.