Work With Experts

Our experts work with you to develop a long-term custom grow plan for a sustainable solution to your cannabis demand.



Manufacturers need a consistent supply of biomass for their extraction process. By producing high THC biomass consistently, our partners can set their processes to maximize output and reduce costs.

The advantage of Agawa is that our partners can depend on a single producer versus multiple growers who don’t have the consistency on a weekly basis like we have.

We continue to fine-tune biomass quality to offer our partners a lower-cost position and consistent high-quality finished products.

Agawa Cultivation | We Grow For Manufacturers


Fully Integrated Companies

Fully integrated companies must balance resources through the chain. We recognize these companies want to focus assets on manufacturing and retail. They produce some cannabis, however, they are relying on Agawa to grow the bulk of their requirements.

Our partners are not able to produce enough cannabis to keep up with demand or can’t produce at our cost position.

The advantage of Agawa is that our partners can create a long-term contract grow that offers the best cost position, highest quality cannabis and a consistent supply to keep up with increasing demand.

Agawa-Cultivation | We Grow For Fully Integrated Companies



We supply wholesale cannabis directly to dispensaries and also partner with existing customers who already have the supply established with dispensaries.

Agawa Cultivation | We Grow For Wholesale

Business Practices

Reliable, Consistent & Ethical

It's all about the relationships we form and our business practices mean everything to us. We have been involved in floriculture since 1967 and our decades of success are largely due to forming solid relationships that last.

We Value True Partnerships

We understand the challenges and opportunities our partners face. We are driven to develop win-win agreements. We focus on long-term solutions to be sustainable through market pressure and competition.

We prioritize building our cost structure on value and profitability for all parties.

We offer the unique opportunity of sustainable long-term contracts bonded by a true partnership.

We Are Cultivators At Heart

Holistic Cannabis Cultivation

We are proud of the way we grow cannabis.

Natural sunlight, living soil and sustainable methods produce the highest quality cannabis.